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About Eric Strong's Album "Give Me A Memory"

All I Ask

Written by Chris Brown, Adele Adkins, Bruno Mars, Brody Brown & Philip Lawrence

Published by BMG Gold Songs, WB Music, Westside Independent, Universal Music

Arranged by Bruce Wyman

For the recording I started with a Joe Cox version and wrote my arrangement in E major with Eric’s vocal range in mind. I eliminated the upper range piano parts and replaced them with a string ensemble of lead viola and two-part violin chorus - which supported Eric’s baritone rather than overpowered it. I then added the bass to carry the low end.

This is the song that really started it all when Eric sang it in his first audition with us. OMG it’s an Adele song, Eric! And he knocked it out of the park.

A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square

Written by Eric Maschwitz and Manning Sherwin

Published by Peter Maurice Music Company Limited

Arranged by Bill Fulton

This is Eric’s ‘signature song’ which he performed many times while headlining for Crystal Cruise Lines. Many people have enjoyed Eric’s rendition of this classic in the past and we are very happy to include it in this CD.

We wanted to find that ‘just right’ piano accompanist who could capture that romantic and emotional feel for this music and understand Eric’s take on it: We are very fortunate indeed to have obtained Mr. Bill Fulton, who created an excellent arrangement and heartfelt performance of this classic love song.

Ain’t No Sunshine

Written by Bill Withers

Published by Interior Music Incorporated, USA., Universal/MCA Music Limited

Arranged by Bruce Wyman

I feel priviledged to have had the opportunity to arrange and play bass with master jazz guitarist Tim Hulak on this moving blues tune. This song has been recorded by many great vocalists and musicians in addition to the original great Bill Withers. When I wrote the arrangement it was my desire to stay as true to the original as possible to show of Eric’s amazing style. Yes, he can definitely sing the blues…

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Written by Freddie Mercury

Published by EMI Beechwood Music OBO Queen Music Ltd.

Arranged by Bill Fulton

There was only one Freddie Mercury. His brilliant writing and vocal style catapulted Queen to the top of the charts world-wide. We were looking for something a bit more contemporary and upbeat for Eric to show off a bit more of his ‘wild and crazy side’ – and to see if we could get that kind of spirit captured in the studio. Again, huge thanks to Bill Fulton for coming up with another excellent and timely arrangement of this rock and rhythm masterpiece. We told Eric that his performance of this song was going to attract a fun loving (and Eric loving) audience to his music. Now he’ll be leaving a trail of broken hearts everywhere he goes…

Once There Were Dragons

Written by Bruce Wyman

Published by BruLee Music

Arranged by Bruce Wyman

I’m normally a jazz composer/musician but the melody of this song kept haunting me and seemed to be begging to come out - so about the time we met up with Eric in June I was already working on it and it was starting to take shape.

This song is only the second ballad I have ever written (those of you who know me remember my agony writing ‘Waterfall’). Like the title says, it’s about dragons. The music, others have told me - is both haunting and beautiful, which I suppose would be a good description of the dragons of old if you’re into that sort of thing.

Now, not very many people know that Eric has somewhat of a penchant for fantasy. I mentioned to him that I had written a piece of music that would fit nicely into that realm and asked if he might be interested in performing it. Apparently he liked it quite a bit (and actually had a hand in the lyrics as well) since we included it as the final track on the CD. We hope you like it. If you do, tell us you see the dragon.


90 days from start to finish. And under budget. I was told it couldn’t be done from a cold start. Well, we nailed that one. Our indie label team rocks!

Producing this kind of work stretches and expands a person’s creative vision. It makes changes to ones’ views of the world in countless ways. For me, it reinforces gratitude on every level of living. And speaking of gratitude:

Thanks and continued appreciation to our master magician, Orlando Torres at Madman Sound. You make my arrangements spring to life, my friend. This whole CD sounds like magic!

I was pleased to include Tim Hulak, one of my jazz collaborators, as a featured guitarist on Ain’t No Sunshine. We surmounted the technical glitchmonsters and got a great sound in the track. Thanks for your help, Tim. Our jazz is waiting…

Every time I hear Bill Fulton’s work I start looking for ways to set up performances with him and his orchestra. What an amazing artist and arranger! We’re going to do this, Bill. One way or another we’re going to do this…

We are blessed with the most awesomely multi-talented genius ever with Lindsey Elkins, our very own Brand Manager (Photographer/Designer, Public Relations Goddess and Social Media Guru). The fact that she puts up with me is pretty amazing. If you like the look of the album and all of Eric’s public relations materials, thank her.

A very special place in my heart is filled with love and thanks for my best friend, lifelong traveling companion and loving wife Leanne. She is my enduring inspiration and patience incarnate. As our A&R Manager she performs miracles on a daily basis.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to Eric Strong for taking that giant leap of faith and jumping into our musical world. Eric, you’re making this world a much better place. Thanks for including us in your journey…

Bruce Wyman

Owner, Publisher & Producer

BruLee Music

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