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It's Always About The Music


BruLee Music is a small independent music production company which provides a creative platform for songwriters, composers and performers who may not fit into normal 'genre modes' in music.  We're very eclectic in the styles of music we produce as well as how we present the artists who work with us to create it.

Alchemy Of The Sound Of Color


Music is a craft.  It is an alchemy of visualization.  It tells stories, evokes emotions and produces vistas.  Through its tones, harmonies and rhythms we can see anything.  Our presentation of different styles of music and genres reflects a synergy which is like an alchemy.  We like to think that the concept of an Alchemy Of The Sound Of Color is a gateway of creation.

Our Background


Our staff has been involved in music for over 40 years, from early folk music and classical to jazz, rock, r&b, new age and country.  We produce original works, not covers - although our respect and admiration for other creative artists whom have produced exceptional works may, under rare circumstances, result in our licensing of certain covers.

Mostly, our experience drives our passion to create and produce uniquely crafted musical works and provide support for our artists who create and perform them.

Our Plans


Every original score we produce is intended to easily be performed by live musicians.  We don’t produce EDM.  Because of the advances in modern digital performance and production tools we can now produce better quality of sound and new sounds that better convey the stories, passions and ideas of our artists; and we can produce new works in a shorter time at lower cost than ever before possible.

To reach our objectives, we actively seek local musicians of any talent range, background or genre who want to pursue and expand their talents and creativity in an easygoing, encouraging and productive environment.

Join Us!

If you’re a songwriter, composer and/or performer we’d like to hear from you; all it takes to join us is the passion to write, play and explore your creativity. 


We encourage you to reach us at

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