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Summer Is Here!

June, 2017

Bruce Wyman’s jazz/rock single Underground Rocket continues to trend. It’s worth checking out via YouTube and is available for download from our friends at CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.

Things are getting a bit busy with the upcoming release of Bruce’s new album A Taste Of Color. He’s currently finishing off the last couple of jazz tracks which we think you’ll like.


Special thanks go out to our friends at Record Life Studios, Madman Sound, MPS and especially to our social media guru, Lindsey Elkins (we couldn't do this without her).

We're very grateful for our General Manager and resident Muse, Leanne Wyman, without whom things would hopelessly grind to a halt (Thanks for everything you do ♥).


As always, we’re looking for musicians and vocalists - and we’ve got the call out for a female singer to feature on a new composition called Winds Of Time. We’ll announce auditions for it here and on our Facebook page. Go to our Contacts page and let us know you're interested!

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