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ASCAP and BruLee Releases

Wow, it’s been a while since I updated this! Thanks and a big shout out to our very own Lindsey Elkins (she does everything). When she’s not spanking robots she handles our public relations, brand management, social media and the web site. She also manages all the artwork, graphics, photography and album design for BruLee Music. If you really like the look of something we’ve done, send her a thank you note because she probably did it.


The Music Modernization Act has passed the House with a UNANIMOUS vote! On to the Senate!! I cannot begin to express all of the gratitude I feel for all of the hard working folks at ASCAP (yay us!), BMI, CA, SONA and so many other fine organizations and of course, all of our fellow artists and songwriters, that are helping bring this vital legislation into the light of day! THANK YOU! Let’s make this happen!! (If you want to read the details about this legislation and how important it is to music creators, read it here!)


We’re back from the 2018 ASCAPEXPO in Hollywood. What an event! We got to meet and hang with some brilliantly talented people, many whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with before. We got to learn some amazing new stuff and actually even conducted a little ‘business’ on the way. We spent some really productive time listening to and interacting with some very cool and productive folks (see pictures) such as Marcus Miller (one of my holy trinity of bass heroes), Paul Mirkovich (huge thanks for your time and the vindication, Paul. it’s nice to know I’m still doing it right after all these years!), Dean Kay (Thanks again for the Dean’s List! Yes, we’re both still alive!), John Titta (Do you ever take a break?), and of course, Paul Williams (Mr. Larger Than Life!). It’s always a great time at EXPO. If you’re a songwriter, I strongly recommend attending! If you’re not an ASCAP writer, why the hell aren’t you? Go here and fix that.

Special thanks to ALL the folks at ASCAP Member Services, who take the time every day to help us, as music creators, get it done right. Thanks for being such strong advocates of our craft and, so very importantly, its worth. You guys rock!

A big THANK YOU to all the staff, panelists, sponsors and artists who helped make ASCAPEXPO such a success; to J Kash and Meghan (no belters!) Trainor for your insights and artist advice; to Paul Mirkovich for taking time out, in the middle of that show, to come and talk to us; to Marcus Miller for being Marcus Miller.

Special congratulations go out to you, Andrew Rollins, for that well-deserved Emmy! (Andrew wrote an amazing and powerful song for the wedding scene in General Hospital). Andrew, I personally think you deserve at least a couple more for Nashville. (Leanne still hasn’t forgiven you for the spoiler…)

We managed to meet up and hang with our artist Eric Strong. It’s always fun with you, Eric, whether we’re working or not. (He’s also an excellent actor, folks)


We’ve got lots of exciting things going on this summer. Hawaiian Sun is in the works and will hopefully be out soon. Good collaboration is the key to success.

Winds Of Time is nearing completion, slated for recording and video production in July. Keep an eye on our site to catch pre-release clips! Check the web site and our facebook page for more about the recording artist.

Our very own Eric Strong will be reappearing in an upcoming jazz release and music video this fall. More details later (check our facebook page).


Four new upcoming releases! Holy cow! How did that happen?

In The Rain

Leanne Writes Music! Leanne writes classical music? What?!

May, 2018

Benthic Butterfly

You never know what you’ll find in a cave. 7/8 time for all you different warped folks.

June, 2018

Rocket See

Rock. Almost. Well, sort of. You decide.

July, 2018

A Cascade Of Birds

Umm…think more along the lines of Hitchcock. I love minor keys. And just like the composer, there’s a twist at the end.

August, 2018

Next Time…

Look for a feature article about our brilliant and creative audio engineer at Madman Sound, music writing tips, the Nashville Musicians Conference and more…

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