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June Updates

Because of certain timing issues (and the fact that I’m also the publisher so it’s my call) we’ve switched the order of some of our releases for this summer!

‘A Cascade Of Birds’ drops June 10th. Jazz. Be sure to check it out through our usual channels

(iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and others). It’s more of a jazz tune than ‘Underground Rocket’, perhaps a bit more spooky but with a fun twist at the end. It was fun to write and I really hope you enjoy it.

Later in June expect to see a short clip of our upcoming release (and video) of ‘Waterfall’ available exclusively on our YouTube channel.

In July, we’ll be releasing something totally different - and we’re introducing a new writer/collaborator at BruLee Music: Our very own A&R Manager, Leanne! For years she has provided amazing help and inspiration for me as a composer. Not only does she do an awesome job with artist management, she is proving to be an excellent writer! Look for her collaboration on a short chamber sonata titled ‘In The Rain’ (for which she wrote the main arpeggio) due out July 3rd. Spoiler Alert: She is also currently working on a really upbeat tune due out this fall called ‘Plaid’. Check out our web site for more information and the announcement of the release date!

Also in July, we will be producing a music video of the new song ‘Winds Of Time’ featuring the

talents of New York musical theatre artist Julia Goretsky. Be sure to check out our special feature of her here on our site and be sure to check out her own site !

Later on, it’s back to some rock music with the August 3 release of ‘Rocket See’; something more along the lines of ‘Underground Rocket’ but with more emphasis on a true rock vibe. My fingers got some real exercise laying down the bass vibe and I threw in some interesting key changes and returns. Hope you like it!

Work is continuing on a September release featuring our Hawaiian secret weapon, Shima. Look for more updates about him and ‘Hawaiian Sun’ in July!

September will also see the release of ‘Benthic Butterfly’ and a return to my jazz roots. You never know what bright things you can find in the deepest, darkest places… This was a challenging piece to play and write in 7/8 time - and it’s fun to listen to. Look for it September 1st!

Special thanks go out to Paul and the folks at Seven Faces Films for their patience with us and listening to our ideas. Glad to have you on our team!

Kudos to our very own Eric Strong for his work on the TV series ‘Narcos’ and his upcoming feature film project! For more Eric, you can download his CD here and visit his page.

A special shout-out goes to pianist/arranger Bill Fulton for his upcoming (June 9) arrangement/performance in the 2018 Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl! Visit Bill’s site .

See you folks next month! Keep listening!

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